Independent Miss Craigie


This documentary feature explores film director Jill Craigie’s unique contribution to documentary filmmaking and British cinema and her contrasting identities as director, writer, early media ‘personality’ and wife of former Labour leader, Michael Foot. Archival footage and Craigie’s own words from letters, diaries and interviews present an intimate film portrait of the life and career of this pioneering director whose work imagines a new place for women post-World War Two.


Producer/Director: Lizzie Thynne

Associate Producers: Hollie Price, Adele Tulli
Cinematographer: Pascale Neuschäfer (Narrative re-enactments)
Cast: Mimi Haddon, Cornelius Clarke, Steven Connery, Paul White, Bryan Hands, Catharine Humphrys, Gareth Wildig
Narrator: Hailey Attwell

Art Direction: Erin Green, Jessica Griffin
Sound: Al Green, Nikoline Gjoertz
Production Assistant: Chiara Cannata

Editor: Vera Simmonds

Music: James Longcake

Colourist: Jason Moffat



Wales International Film Festival (Wales, 2020)